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Baby Jogger Performance 20″ Double Stroller Review

Baby Jogger Performance 20″ Double Stroller Review

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When you have a baby, a stroller is a very important item that you should have. This is because you do not have any one to wait on you hand and foot. Plus, there are tasks to do and responsibilities to take care of. You are the only person who can take care of those things. This is why you need a stroller like the Baby Jogger  Performance 20″ Double Stroller to assist you.

Think of it this way: the stroller is an extra set of arms that will carry your baby when you need to run errands. There is no need to worry though because you are the one with the stroller so you know how your child is faring.

Baby Jogger Performance 20″ Double Stroller Specifications:

  • V-Brake
  • Rear shocks
  • Frame: aluminum
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Storage compartment
  • 3-panel sun canopy
  • Hand brake
  • Weight capacity: 150 lbs.
Baby Jogger Performance 20″ Double Stroller
Baby Jogger Performance 20″ Double Stroller

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All in one piece

Creating a stroller that is only in one piece is very difficult but Baby Jogger has been able to accomplish this feat. At present, this is only one in the market that offers such.

What is good about a one-piece frame is that it does not have any joints or any hinges which basically means that these points would not weaken. So the whole baby stroller remains strong throughout use.

Pushing with wheels

One of the great features that this stroller has is its wheels. They all measure 20 inches each. And they have been designed to be easy to push so you can walk faster (or maybe even run if you choose to).

Comfort for baby

The whole unit has been designed to be sleek and has been crafted with the idea of aerodynamics integrated in it. The manufacturer has even added a system that would absorb any shocks.

With that, this means that baby is totally comfortable and would enjoy each ride that he (or she) would be having with this.

Baby Jogger Performance 20″ Double Stroller Pros and Cons


  • Comes in one frame
  • Wheels can be easily pushed
  • Has shock absorber system
  • Aerodynamic


  • None so far


Baby is surely protected with this one. And even if your baby grows old, he (or she) can definitely still use this sturdy stroller.

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