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BOB Sport Utility Baby Stroller Review

BOB Sport Utility Jogging Stroller Review

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BOB (Beast of Burden) is the foremost company in the world when it comes to jogging, running and off-road strollers. Founded in 1991 by bicycle maven Roger Malinowski and airline mechanic Philip Novotny, BOB has since built these highly innovative strollers that are fitness oriented.

BOB has grown into one of a few elite jogging stroller brands that offers fitness minded parents a running stroller with outstanding performance, top quality materials and innovative accessories. Along its product line is the BOB Sport Utility Jogging Stroller.

BOB Sport Utility Stroller Specifications:

  • Weight: 20 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 70 pounds
  • adjustable shock absorbers
  • compact
BOB Sport Utility Jogging Stroller
BOB Sport Utility Jogging Stroller

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Keeping fit with baby

This Bob stroller is a one-of-a-kind stroller. It lets you walk and jog with your children over different kinds of terrain which is something that you do not get from other strollers.

How? The secret is in the stroller’s frame design and its relatively big polymer wheels which measure 16 inches.

Its 3-inch suspension distributes evenly the weight of the infant for a comfortable jog or stroll. Its features also enable it to navigate fairly easily through curbs, uneven sidewalks, supermarket aisles and unpaved trails.

No problem with storage

This stroller can also be folded fairly easily and when folded can be easily stored in a vehicle’s trunk. For other units, a parent usually has to have both hands free to fold a stroller and stash it in the trunk.

No problem with weight

This stroller is really light – lighter than the previous stroller I bought. It is very easy to fold up and what’s even better is that you can easily remove the wheel after folding for additional compactness. Now that is something to look forward to as this does not happen that often with strollers.

The suspension is excellent as you here no creaking sounds coming from the wheels. The storage on this stroller is also great. Another great feature it the large canopy it comes with.

No freebies for parents

The only negative thing I can say about this is it doesn’t come with a cupholder but you could buy one separately.

BOB Sport Utility Stroller Pros and Cons


  • light in weight but it can carry even a baby that weighs 70 pounds
  • easy to fold and store
  • can fit inside your car’s truck
  • excellent suspension
  • comes with a basket for storage of you and your baby’s stuff while walking or jogging


  • no cupholder


If you have already seen this stroller in action and you think that it is a dream, then go for it. Now if it is the lack of a cupholder that is holding you back, go ahead and get yourself a cupholder. This type of stroller just does not happen that often.

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