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Graco Snugride Travel System Review

Graco Snugride Travel System Review

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Discover the outdoors and create wonderful memories with your little ones with the Graco Snugride Travel System. This travel system works in partnership with Graco strollers and car seats that give baby ultra comfort and style while traveling.

Snugride car seats and stroller are sold separately, which only means a good and complete stroller package for your kids.

Graco Snugride Travel System Specifications:

  • Features: one-hand fold, adjustable seat
  • Types: compact travel system and full-size travel system
Graco Snugride Travel System
Graco Snugride Travel System

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The products that are included in this system are made using a high-quality steel frame, hard plastics and comfortable seats.


One interesting feature in this travel system is its flexibility. The Graco car seat is designed to fit in most strollers.

As for the stroller, the one-hand fold is most notable feature. This travel system also has car seat locks for easy connection.

This travel system is very useful especially among infants. Ever had trouble transferring your baby from car seat to stroller?

This concern is addressed by this travel system as you can easily lift the car seat (with the baby in it) and transfer it to the stroller.


All car seats are made with extra-padded seats to provide comfort. Safety harnesses are also in their proper place they keep the baby snugly fit.

Strollers have a wheel suspension that gives baby smooth and comfortable ride which is free from bumps.


According to most reviews, this travel system is by far the comprehensive stroller with a wide selection to choose from. You can choose the compact travel system which is lightweight, full-recline seat, has a canopy and large basket or the compact travel system with the additional conveniences of an adjustable footrest and automatic storage latch.

Most reviews, however, favor the lightweight travel system as it much easier to carry and has less hassles when it comes to storing.

This travel system really gives the opportunity to parents to decide which among the car seat and stroller you need, so you can mix and match to really get the stroller that suits your lifestyle.

Graco Snugride Travel System Pros and Cons


  • Opportunity for mix and match
  • Compact travel system is lightweight
  • With different designs to choose from
  • Convenient canopy, basket and snack tray
  • Full size travel system has added perks like automatic latch and adjustable foot rest
  • One-hand fold
  • Safety harness in place
  • Adjustable recline seats
  • Suspension wheels


  • Quite pricey


This travel system is well worth the money because you get what you pay for and that is flexibility and quality.

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