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Graco Baby Stroller Reviews

Best Graco Stroller Reviews

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Traveling with the little one can be a pretty tiresome experience if you don’t have the right equipment with you such as car seats and strollers. It might be hard for any parent to wake a baby sleeping comfortably in the car and so Graco came up with a way to make transport easy without having to wake the baby up.

The Graco Story

Graco used to be a company that fabricated car parts and machine parts. An idea of innovation got the company started on the road to making juvenile products. This was the Swyngomatic, the world’s first and foremost wind up swing for babies. From the success of the Swyngomatic came various innovations to baby products like the Travel System Graco stroller.

The Graco Line of Baby Strollers

When it comes to buying a stroller from Graco, there are many choices. The three main categories for Graco strollers includes the full size strollers, lightweight strollers and the double strollers. Here is a brief description of each line and the products under each line:

Full size strollers– if you want the ultimate in terms of strolling luxury then this line is for you. this line has verything you need for your little one to travel in comfort. You can choose from:

  • Alano FlipIt Stroller
  •  Quattro Tour Stroller
  • Quattro Tour Sport
  • Vie4 Stroller

Lightweight Strollers– the main benefit of this line of stroller is its ultra-portability which makes it the perfect travelling companion for your little one. You can choose from one of the following:

  • Ipo
  • MetroLite
  • SnugRider
  • LiteRider
  • Alano
  • Mosaic

Double Strollers– this line is for families with expanded entourage. Durable, space saving, comfortable and easy to maneuver are the characteristics that males Graco’s dual strollers a must buy. You can choose from the following strollers:

  • Quattro Tour Duo Stroller
  • Duo Glider Stroller
  • Twin Ipo Stroller

The Best Graco Stroller

One of the best stroller products from Graco is the Ipo Stroller. You can go anywhere at any time with your baby on this lightweight stroller. It folds with a touch of a hand and it can be stored easily in the car or in small spaces. It has a multiposition reclining seat. You can go with a three or five point harness with Graco strollers to keep your baby secure. It has a large storage basket for your things as well as your baby’s essentials. The front wheels are swivel type wheels with suspension and locks.

Best Graco Stroller Reviews

Graco LiteRider Stroller

One model that comes with comfort and style is the Graco LiteRider Stroller. Make this your baby’s ride and you’re sure in for a treat.

Graco LiteRider Stroller Specifications:

  • Product dimensions: 27 x 19.5 x 40 inches
  • Weight: 15.75 lbs
  • Weight capacity: up to 40 lbs
  • Features: one-hand fold, three-point harness
  • Available colors: tango and lively dots
Graco LiteRider Stroller
Graco LiteRider Stroller

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  • Lightweight and compact
  • One-hand fold feature
  • With three-point safety harness
  • Convenient snack tray, parents’ cup holder, canopy and basket
  • Affordable price
  • Washable cushions
  • Durable frame


  • No full-recline position

Graco Vivo Travel System

This Graco Vivo Travel System is a stroller created with style and lightweights. It could even be folded and stored away in the car yet still would have extra room for shopping bags.

Graco Vivo Travel System Specifications:

  • can carry up to 15 kilograms load, perfect stroller for babies zero to three months of age
  • has a one click, easy to use system
  • the backrest may so be adjusted to keep the baby comfortable while lying down
  • with a system of suspension springs for a comfortable ride
  • it has a canopy made with a fabric tested for UV lights
  • handle may be ergonomically adjusted
  • reasonably priced
Graco Vivo Travel System
Graco Vivo Travel System

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  • very neat
  • provides extreme baby’s comfort
  • has a smart and stylish look
  • sturdy and durable


  • because the stroller is quite big, parents and children who are using public transportation may not be perfect to use this
  • some fiddly features

Graco Quattro Travel System

The Graco Quattro Travel System is a baby stroller and an infant car seat in one. The style and design of the Graco Quattro makes it very popular with its huge basket, one-hand fold system and beautiful parent tray. But this baby travel system is really heavy at 50 pounds but is still a winner with its infant car seat.

Graco Quattro Travel System Features:

  • Stroller and car seat come together
  • Stroller: For infants and children up to 4 years and less than 50 lbs.
  • Car Seat: Rear facing for infants 5-30 lbs and less than 32″
  • Stroller has one hand gravity fold, an aluminum welded frame, a tuck away sun visor,
  • Front swivel wheels with locks and suspension.
  • Stroller has a combination 3 or 5 point harness
  • 4-position flat reclining seat
  • One-touch brakes
  • Car seat has a 5 point harness, a 2-piece chest clip, removable infant head support and cold weather boot, and a stay-in-car adjustable base.
Graco Quattro Stroller Travel System
Graco Quattro Stroller Travel System

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  • Huge basket
  • One-hand fold system
  • Soft material suited for younger babies
  • Decent car seat
  • Accessories are brilliant
  • Price is just right


  • Bulky
  • Heavy
  • Easily gets dirty because of the material

Graco Snugride Travel System

Discover the outdoors and create wonderful memories with your little ones with the Graco Snugride Travel System. This travel system works in partnership with Graco strollers and car seats that give baby ultra comfort and style while traveling.

Snugride car seats and stroller are sold separately, which only means a good and complete stroller package for your kids.

Graco Snugride Travel System Specifications:

  • Features: one-hand fold, adjustable seat
  • Types: compact travel system and full-size travel system
Graco Snugride Travel System
Graco Snugride Travel System

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  • Opportunity for mix and match
  • Compact travel system is lightweight
  • With different designs to choose from
  • Convenient canopy, basket and snack tray
  • Full size travel system has added perks like automatic latch and adjustable foot rest
  • One-hand fold
  • Safety harness in place
  • Adjustable recline seats
  • Suspension wheels


  • Quite pricey

Graco Metrolite Travel System

The Graco Metrolite Stroller Travel System is one popular baby stroller because of its combined safety and style. Most parents agree that it is more than a baby stroller but a convenient baby travel system ergonomically designed to give parents and babies the comfort they need whenever they travel together, anywhere and anytime.

Graco Metrolite Travel System Features:

  • Graco Metrolite Travel System includes the Graco MetroLite Stroller and the Graco SnugRide Infant Car Seat
  • Lightweight aluminum frame on the Graco Metrolite Stroller
  • Combination 3 point/5 point harness
  • Pivoting child tray with cup holder
  • Top parent organizer tray with 2 cup holders
Graco Metrolite Stroller Travel System
Graco Metrolite Stroller Travel System

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  • Very light, extra light!
  • Easy setup
  • Durable
  • Easy storage
  • Infant car seat is nice, fits perfectly into the stroller


  • Difficult basket
  • The front wheels lock by itself on rougher terrain
  • Aluminum frame not so tough

Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller

The Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller has been one of the most loved tandem stroller based on consumer reviews. What makes this duo stroller different from other tandem strollers in the market today? Though NOT a luxury duo stroller, it has great features that can be considered as such. Let’s take a look at what it offers:

Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller Features:

  • Maximum weight for front seat is 50 pounds.
  • Can use Graco infant seats in both positions.
  • Three- and five-point safety harnesses.
  • Snack and cup holders, reclining seats and plenty of storage space.
  • Compact design.
Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller
Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller

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  • Compact and light for a tandem stroller
  • Spacious storage space with the extra storage underneath the front seat
  • Compatible with two infant car seats
  • Supports up to 50 pounds of weight
  • Rear seat can be fully reclines and can be reversed 360 degrees.
  • Very stylish


  • Hard to maneuver on slopes and turns
  • Harnesses can become very confusing
  • Heavy

Graco IPO Deluxe Stroller

The Graco IPO Deluxe Stroller is a lightweight and compact stroller for toddlers up to 6 years old kids. This Graco stroller can support a maximum weight of 50 pounds. Its European styling makes it a beautiful stroller that every mom or dad would love to have for their toddler. Let us take a peek.

Graco IPO Deluxe Stroller Features:

  • Lightweight stroller weighs just 17 lbs.
  • Extended weight limit holds child up to 50 lbs. to last past the toddler years
  • Convenient cup holder keeps drinks handy
  • One-hand compact fold easily goes anywhere
  • Large, easy access storage basket – quickly stow & grab what you need
  • Padded handle grips for strolling comfort
  • Multi-position reclining seat keeps Baby comfy
  • Canopy with peek-a-boo window and tuck-away tinted sun visor protect your child from the weather
  • Adjustable leg rest for strolling comfort
  • Lockable front swivel wheels for a smooth ride
  • Convertible 3- & 5-point harness grows with your child
  • Convenient carry handle for when your toddler wants to walk
Graco IPO Deluxe Stroller
Graco IPO Deluxe Stroller

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  • Height is perfect shorter or taller parents alike
  • The features and performance beats some of the other brands
  • Convenient
  • Lightweight
  • Flexibility reclining seat
  • Nice cup holder
  • The canopy has a nice window, sun visor and deep pockets
  • Very spacious storage basket
  • The size is best


  • None so far

Graco DuoGlider LX Stroller

Graco DuoGlider LX Stroller offers durable, comfortable strolling for two. At 20 inches wide, it easily gets through doors, yet has all the perks parents need to get through the day.

Graco DuoGlider LX Specifications:

  • Children Capacity: 2
  • Weight Capacity: 40 lbs. per child
  • Width: 20 inches
  • Height: 40 inches
  • Handle Width: 16.5 inches
  • Length: 35.5 inches
  • Stroller Weight: 29.5 lbs.
Graco DuoGlider LX Stroller
Graco DuoGlider LX Stroller

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  • Smooth ride
  • Easy to set up
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Durable


  • Bulky
  • Heavy
  • Hard to maneuver

Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe Stroller

The Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe Stroller is an easy to use a lightweight stroller that is ideal for transporting your baby around.

Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe Stroller Specifications:

  • Weight: 33 pounds
  • Dimensions: 30 x 16.9 x 41 inches
  • Extended weight limit can hold children up to 50 pounds
  • Multi-position and flat reclining seat
  • Frame type: Aluminum; Accessories: Stroller bag
Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe Stroller
Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe Stroller

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  • One-hand fold for easy transportation and storage
  • Multi-recline seat for baby’s optimal comfort
  • Storage baskets and two cup holders


  • Bulky and heavy

Graco Passage Travel System

Graco Passage Travel System offers the ultimate convenience for both parents and baby. The three piece set includes the Passage Stroller, a SnugRide Infant Car Seat with a five-point harness, and a stay-in car base.

Graco Passage Travel System Specifications:

  • Stroller Dimensions: 27”L x 19.5”W x 40”H
  • Width of Stroller Handle: 15.75”
  • Stroller Weight: 19.8 lbs.
  • Car Seat Dimensions: 17.5”W x 26.7”D x 24.2”H
  • Car Seat Weight: 7.24 lbs. (without base), 12.64 lbs. (with base)
  • Stroller Weight Capacity: 40 lbs.
  • Car Seat Weight Capacity: 22 lbs.
  • Frame Material: Steel
Graco Passage Travel System
Graco Passage Travel System

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  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Easy to set up
  • Easily Stowed


  • Heavy
  • Bulky

Baby Stroller Reviews

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