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Graco Vivo Travel System Stroller Review

Graco Vivo Travel System Stroller Review

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This Graco Vivo Travel System is a stroller created with style and lightweights. It could even be folded and stored away in the car yet still would have extra room for shopping bags.

Graco Vivo Travel System Specifications:

  • can carry up to 15 kilograms load, perfect stroller for babies zero to three months of age
  • has a one click, easy to use system
  • the backrest may so be adjusted to keep the baby comfortable while lying down
  • with a system of suspension springs for a comfortable ride
  • it has a canopy made with a fabric tested for UV lights
  • handle may be ergonomically adjusted
  • reasonably priced
Graco Vivo Travel System
Graco Vivo Travel System

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Well-priced stroller

Considering its size, this Graco stroller is a reasonably priced baby buggy that is solid in addition to being big. One could even get a lower price by searching online.

A spacious stroller

Aside from the stroller seat which obviously is for the baby, there are also trays for feeding the baby and for the parent to place a cup or two without worries about drips. There is also a basket underneath that is perfect for storing baby care essential like diapers, clothing change, etc.

Ease of utility

Just a single pop and the car seat is already attached to the chassis. It could also stand on its own once folded for storage.

Canopy and cover

The canopy and cover is guaranteed to ward off harmful UV rays on a sunny day and water on a rainy day. The apron may be washed for cleaning. The very fabrics of the stroller are colorfast and are tested and examined for toxicity as well as flammability.

Wheels and brakes

The wheels at the front for swiveling may be locked for safety plus the stroller also has a single brake action structure. The system of springs keeps bumps away

Extra Support

The stroller not only seats or reclines the baby comfortably, but it also has additional features for supporting baby’s head and calf.

Graco Vivo Travel System Pros and Cons


  • very neat
  • provides extreme baby’s comfort
  • has a smart and stylish look
  • sturdy and durable


  • because the stroller is quite big, parents and children who are using public transportation may not be perfect to use this
  • some fiddly features


If you want comfort and convenience, then this is definitely the stroller for you and your baby. Your baby sure is going to be protected well and will not feel any discomfort while riding in this one. Overall, this one is a good buy.

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