Baby Stroller Reviews
Lightweight Baby Stroller Reviews

Lightweight Baby Stroller Reviews

Do you have children? Are you tired of pushing their strollers around with you everywhere you go? Well, it sounds like you need a lightweight stroller. Being a parent or guardian is hard these days, and everyone would like to take a break from doing it, or, at least, make it easier. Now you can, by using a lightweight stroller you can relieve stress on your muscles and enjoy longer walks outside without your arms ever getting tired again.

Why should you be wasting your energy when a solution to your problem is available in the market, it seems too good to be true. You will agree – that everyone who takes care of a child needs one of these, it’s not even a debatable topic.

Engineers have worked day and night to output such a breakthrough in facilities for children, working with the mechanics of a regular stroller – it has been identified that the problem was simply that a standard stroller was causing you to work harder than you needed to. By eliminating all the issues, the average person saw in a stroller; they came up with a revolutionary stroller termed the “lightweight stroller.”

What are you waiting for, get yours today and end never think about having to call your nanny before going out for a walk again; now you can just take your child with you.

Why You Need an Light weight stroller?

Planning to hold a baby is a great job to be a parent itself. Wandering with the baby is a more fun loving experiences to take your children out because such moments will never get back. To respite outdoor experience one should go for a lightweight stroller, as it deal with all the crowded and challenging issues of narrow spaces and allows hassle free movement anywhere you like. Traditional stroller takes lots of your precious time to save your incredible amount of time lightweight stroller is the best dilemma of sharp-witted mind to experience the joyful baby ride and apparently an excellent money saving option as well.

A lightweight stroller is provided with numerous beneficial qualities related to small budget and comfortability. It is perfectly safe in extreme weather conditions with the stylish ride, comfortable to use with washable fabric, folds flatter with extra goodies storage pockets strengthened with agility, mobility and durability.

Light weight stroller gives peace of mind its lightweight, multidimensional aluminium, plastic or metal frame is made to fit in car’s trunk quickly, and it is best for local travelling and overseas holidays.

Picture Name Rates Buy on Amazon Price
Britax B-Ready Stroller, Copper 4.9/5 $$$
Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller 4.2/5 $$$
Graco LiteRider Click Connect Stroller, Zuba 4.4/5 $$
Graco LiteRider Click Connect Stroller, Bottlecap 4.4/5 $$
Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller, Fire Red 4/5 $$
JOOVY Balloon Stroller 3.5/5 $$

lightweight stroller vs travel system

Parenting involves a lot of important product choices that can be extremely difficult to make. Baby transport has often been hot and widely discussed topic, with fierce debate about which is the best method for a parent to choose. Options exist for children of all ages, with very few catering for newborn up to toddler. From slings to backpacks to pushchairs, we’re going to focus on the two most popular variants of the option that covers children up until full-time walking; the pushchair – specifically, the lightweight stroller and the modern multi-part travel system.

i/ The three-in-one travel system

has recently seen a large boom in popularity, being seen as a convenient and high-tech alternative to the traditional pushchair. Often consisting of a large heavy frame with a traditional seat, carry cot and car seat attachments, they are usually rather expensive and often complicated to put together. Promoted to the next generation of baby transport, brightly lit at the front of stores with cool and exciting names and colours, parents have been rushing to purchase them and leaving the traditional casual stroller in the shade. But is this a fad or truly the perfect invention?

Though the mind may instantly jump to the conclusion that a more complicated or pricey system is clearly better, this is surprisingly a false saving. In a world of small, fuel-efficient cars and public transport, such a bulky system can be a pain to transport – often not folding into cars or onto storage racks. There is also trouble with fitting into narrow aisles in stores and other small buildings, leading the tired parent simply avoid such places out of frustration. This actively conflicts with the oft-promoted convenience and ease that the travel system claims to offer.While the heavy system does have some benefits – the large build can give the feeling of extra sturdiness and safety, which often reassures parents. They’re also popular and envied in most modern parenting groups, existing as a kind of status symbol depending on the brand of your chosen system. So why pick a lightweight stroller when the somewhat inconvenient system is such a fashionable choice?

ii/Light and straightforward,

the greatest benefit of a stroller is the ability to fit in any situation. Easy to push, lift and fold, nothing is stopping the user from popping onto public transport or calling a taxi, not worrying about whether their pushchair will fit and fold away. It can fit through the aisles of the smallest stores and turn quickly, removing the issue of navigating around corners, worrying about clipping delicate shelves or walls. The price of a small stroller also shines in its favour, with the price of a multi-system able to cover several strollers to suit different needs – such as off-terrain or jogging strollers.

Overall, the casual lightweight stroller has endured many fads and fashions and remains a convenient and affordable solution. With the ability to adapt to all situations with a minimum of fuss and inconvenience, there is an ease and simplicity to using the stroller that an expensive, intricate multi-system will never be able to replace.

# Types of Lightweight Stroller

Lightweight strollers are a great option for young families on the go. Their portability and ease of use make them excellent products for any new parent. Continue reading to learn about some of the best lightweight strollers to buy in 2016.

i/ Umbrella Strollers

 If the weather is stormy, or it’s a hot summer day, umbrella strollers are a great way to keep your baby protected from the elements. As the title suggests, these strollers come equipped with an overhanging canopy that prevents rain, or harmful UV rays, from coming into contact with your child. Additionally, the compact, lightweight design makes them excellent for travelling. Often, these strollers can also fold, adding to their convenience. These are the least expensive option, and give you a great bang for your buck.

ii/ Car Seat Frame Strollers

Like umbrella strollers, car seat frame strollers are excellent for people on the go. The main feature these products offer is that they allow you to attach an infant car seat to the stroller frame, making transitions between walking and driving as easy as can be. You can push your child in the stroller and then when it’s time to drive somewhere, you may detach the car seat and place it in the backseat of your vehicle. Please note to follow all safety directions written on the car seat to ensure your child’s safety.

iii/ Convenience Strollers

Convenience strollers offer some features to make the lives of parents easier. They often feature an adjustable and removable canopy to shield your child from the sun and rain. Additionally, they offer pockets, baskets, and even bottle holders to store all your baby items in one convenient place. Convenience strollers are often the best choice among strollers because of the unique features and ease of use they offer to busy parents. They are also usually the most expensive type of stroller, but you get what you pay for.

# Buying Factors for lightweight strollers

A stroller is an important part of raising your newborn. Even though they will only be in it for a short time, you still want to make sure you know what you’re doing when you are looking for the perfect one for your baby.

  • No need to worry. We’ve put together a list of the most important factors and features to consider when you are comparing strollers.
  • How much are you willing to spend? Before we get into the benefits, functions and features to consider when you are starting your search, we need to talk about money. Strollers will range from quite cheap to very expensive.

There are so many options out there for new parents. Take a look at your budget and decide how much you are willing to spend on a stroller. This will automatically narrow down your options and make your choice much easier in the end.

  • How will you use it? We’ll start our list off with thinking about how you will use it. You’ll find that you will have a couple of main purposes and some other, secondary purposes.

Do you drive a lot? In this case, you may want to consider an ‘umbrella’ stroller; lightweight and easy to fold and carry. On the other hand, you may be an active person, and will need the stroller to handle parks, walks and runs. You will need a sturdier built stroller with ‘all-terrain’ tires.

  • Do you need it for different travel? Some strollers are built with a travel system that adds the convenience of taking your baby right from the car, directly into the stroller without removing him/her from the seat. The stroller has a built-in compatible car seat that can go back and forth from the car to the stroller.

Another option is a universal stroller frame. Your car seat will be able to attach to it fairly easily. This could free you up to buy a second stroller, like an all-terrain style so you can get back out running those 5ks.

  • Do you need additional seats? Are you having twins or triplets? Or maybe you have plans to have more children sooner rather than later. If this is you, you may consider looking at strollers that have the ability to add a seat (or two) later. These models save you the space of having to store and travel with two or more strollers. Another advantage is that way you won’t have the hassle of buying a new stroller and selling your old one when baby number 2 comes along.
  • Are you a weight-lifter? Depending on the stroller’s purpose it can get pretty heavy, and you’ll want to make sure that both parents can handle it. The more then features, the heavier it will be. We mentioned that ‘umbrella’ strollers were lightweight because they won’t have the sturdier frame, more robust tires and wheels that come with the all-terrain strollers that are meant to take on the parks, hills, paths and trails that runners would go on.Just a quick reminder to consider that when you are testing the stroller’s weight at the store, it won’t have the baby bags or shopping bags that you’ll have with you when the baby comes.
  • Are you a good driver? No, we don’t mean your car. Pushing a stroller in public places with a lot of people, tight spaces and up curbs can be tricky so make sure that it can turn and pivot easily.
  • Will different people be using it? If the stroller is going to be used by mom, dad, grandma, your sister and her boyfriend, the chances are that they will need to adjust the height of the handle so that the stroller is more comfortable. If not, you won’t need to consider an adjustable handle.
  • Do you like origami? You know, those cute shapes and animals made by folding paper 100+ times. We joke, but making sure that the stroller is very easy to fold is a very important factor in your decision. When you are leaving the grocery store with a lot of bags and it starts raining you’re going to want to make sure that you can get it folded up and into the car quickly.

Make sure you play with it at the store before you buy it because those salespeople handle the strollers all day and what may seem easy from afar may be challenging in practice.

  • How much storage do you need? Ask any parent what it is like leaving the house with a newborn and they will tell you that they need to take everything but the kitchen sink with you. Of course, if you’re out shopping you’ll be adding bags to your load. Making sure that the stroller has some useful storage features may come in very handily in the future. Some come with baskets under the stroller, which attach to the handle and ones that you can add storage to them when the need arises.
  • Do you care about safety? I know, stupid question. Safety should be right at the top, if not #1 on your list. Most safety features are mandatory on all strollers so you’ll want to make sure you’re buying a stroller that is certified. Either way, you’ll want to make sure that they stroller comes with 5-point safety straps/restraints and a waist belt, a tether strap, and brakes for the wheels/tires that work and is easy to activate and deactivate.

Buying all of the equipment and supplies you need so that you can welcome the new member of your family in style is an exciting time. A stroller is an essential purchase so make sure you buy the one that fits the most with your lifestyle, the features you will need and, of course, your budget. Happy stroller hunting!

# Best lightweight stroller Reviews of 2018

1/The Perfect Stroller– The Britax B-Ready Stroller, Easy To Get, Hard To Let Go 

It’s hard to find something as precious and fragile as a newborn baby. Whether it’s your first shot at being a parent or you’re an experienced one, your primary concern is no doubt the safety of your child. As he grows and experiences the world first-hand, your child will need a safe place, a comfortable fortress of solitude where he can relax and take in all life has to offer, stress-free. That’s where the Britax B-Ready Stroller comes in. It’s not necessarily about what this particular stroller has that other stroller don’t have, but more about what this stroller does better than the others ( and in some cases, has, that other strollers don’t have).But what exactly is it that it excels at? Well, EVERYTHING. From safety to comfort, to style and luxury, you can count on this Britax stroller to take care of all your needs. Both yours and the baby’s, as there is no reason only one of your should enjoy the ride.

Of course, there’s no need to go on blind trust with this one, as the B-Ready stroller has a multitude of pros that will speak for themselves, as well as an Editor’s Choice award for Best Single Stroller from Baby Gizmo, so let’s take a look and see exactly what is it about this model that makes it worth buying.

Features :

  • The B-Ready from Britax comes with a total of 14 stroller seating options. This kind of versatility makes it easy to adapt and provide your young one with the maximum comfort level.
  • You can choose whether your child would be facing backwards or forward during your daily stroll, as the top seat is reversible.-Britax assures compatibility not only with car seats of their own making, but with car seats from other major brands as well. Sure, you have to buy them separately, but you won’t bump into any kind of compatibility issues along the way.
  •  The stroller has a Click and Go system which lets you attach any compatible bassinet or car seat with ease. This little feature is most definitely convenient, as sometimes you might want to re-use old articles from older siblings, or maybe you have a relative or friend that wants to ease things up for you and donate something . With the B-Ready, you have more options at hand so can save quite a bit in the long run.
  • The stroller has an Automatic Frame Lock that keeps it tight and secure when you aren’t using it. No matter if the stroller is closed or not, it’s all about that security.
  • When the time to close the stroller does come, you can rely on its trusty Quick-Fold system . This design is convenable and easy to use, so you can spend more time taking your little guy for a ride, rather than at the doorway, trying to open the thing.
  • The stroller is equipped with enough room to the seat for you to carry all the essential things a baby might need on the go, but also a cup holder where you can rest your refreshment, coffee or beverage of choice. The under-seat storage is so spacious that you can fit pretty much everything but the kitchen sync in there (The sync might fit as well although not tested yet).

~ Safety and Comfort :

  • The stroller can hold children up to 6 months old, and can bare 55 lbs. So you definitely won’t be needing a new one every couple of months. This is an investment.
  • Lock the rear wheels in a flash with the stroller’s Linked Parking Brake, which comes with a green/red indicator to let you know exactly when they’re locked and when not.
  • Keep your baby protected and ventilated with the B-Ready stroller’s Ventilation Window and extra large canopy. Your child will have plenty of space in which to bask. His daily strolls don’t have to feel like he’s a sardine in a box, ready to be shipped.
  • The stroller’s Suspension System is resting on a set of foam rubber tires that make sure your precious one won’t experience any bumps during the ride, and that the journey will be as smooth as his skin.
  • The stroller assures complete versatility for both babies AND parents, as it lets you adjust key settings such as the handle height and recline while the 5-point harness and the head pad make sure your baby is comfortable as he grows into the stroller.

~Specifications :

The Britax B-Ready Stroller weighs a total of 30 lbs(26 lbs without the canopy), and can reach maximum dimensions of 26.5 x 45 x 40.75 when unfolded. When folded, the dimensions are 26.5 x12.5 x34.

~ Bottom Line :

The B-Ready Stroller from Britax is a product that will adapt to your needs as both you and your baby grow, thanks to its insane number of settings and options. The different configurations that you can set it up with makes sure that both you and the little one travel in class, and while the stroller meets all the safety requirements you can think of, its primary order of business is“Comfort.” By the time the stroller runs out of adjustment settings, your baby won’t even be a baby anymore. This Britax design lets you think multiple months ahead of time and plans your child’s well-being, making sure that he’ll be both safe and comfortable not only now, but five months from now as well. Taking care of a baby is enough work as it is, no need to add some more by having to deal with stroller problems or incompatibility issues, as Britax lets you pair up their stroller with a variety of other major brand car seats, making traveling easier than ever. To sum things up, there’s no scenario where you will regret choosing this Britax product, and will more than likely collect a couple of fond memories during your morning rides or evening strolls through the park, with things like stress and frustration out of the way.

2/Also Great  – Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller Review

Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stand-On Tandem Stroller is a convenient stroller endowed with features that make it a wise choice for parents with two children of different ages. This product from Joovy makes moving around with your kids so much fun. If you are planning to go for outings with your young ones, this is the stroller to choose. As much as the Caboose Ultralight Stroller is meant to fight for top position in the market, it is also made for that parent who would want to show love to his or her kids. The tandem stroller is an upgrade of earlier versions of double strollers which were all heavy and large. The Caboose tandem ensures you have a dual stroller that’s just light like a single walker.

I rate the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller highly because it solves mobility problems for parents in the best way. And going for a price of $307.46, this stroller is worth buying if you have two kids, or you are expecting the second one soon. Many strollers are sold at more high prices but with the features and usability of the Joovy Caboose, I would tell you to go for it without hesitation.

As expected, the tandem stroller has gotten many positive reviews from parents who feel Joovy made an epic model of a stroller.

Features :

  •  A Universal Car Seat Adapter One of the attractive features of the Joovy Caboose Ultralight stroller is a car seat adapter which can fit all the car seats of major brands. What’s more, a snacks tray can be placed in front of the front seat when the car seat adapter is removed. The tray can hold two cups¬– just enough for an outing with your two kids.
  •  Diversity When Strolling Your children don’t want to be confined to a seat in a single position for extended periods of time. The Joovy Caboose Tandem Stroller is made to ensure your kids can change positions as you move them around. The front seat is a reclining seat that can assume three different positions. The seat can be reclined up to 150 degrees so that the baby catches a comfortable nap.And for the older kid, there is a bench seat behind the toddler’s front seat. The kid can also stand on a platform at the back of the stroller. Well, the sight of two children, one standing behind the younger one is such a fantastic position for taking a photo.
  •  A Big Canopy The canopy of the Joovy Ultralight is large enough to protect both your kids from the effects of ultraviolet rays of the sun. It is, therefore, a safe stroller that ensures your children are safe and healthy even if the weather conditions get unfriendly. The canopy is oversized, and it has a visor extension just to keep your babies safe. Your day out in the park will not be ruined by too much sunshine because the Caboose stroller has got you covered.
  •  Large Basket The stroller comes fitted with a large basket on the front seat. If you want to carry any extra apparel, then you can stuff it in the basket which can hold quite a lot. Furthermore, the basket has side pockets which offer you more space to pack any essentials that you might need on your trip to the mall or park.
  •  Trigger Fold Design and Light Weight With the Joovy Ultralight Stroller, there is no more strain while moving around. The Walker is so light compared to the other models. It is possible to push it with a single hand while you reply to a text. The only thing that will make the Joovy Tandem feel heavier is the weight of your kids. The stroller only weighs 21 Lbs. With this stroller, you can maneuver many places because it’s economical with space thanks to its tandem design.Moreover, the Caboose can be folded in a compact piece and stowed away in the trunk of the car when you are done with your walk in the park, and now it is time to drive back home. When folded, the stroller measures
  • Parent Organizer A parent organizer is attached to the handle of the Caboose Ultralight stroller to offer yet more convenience to the parents as they take their young ones around. The organizer is made of neoprene, and it features two cup holders and a zippered pocket. You can have your phone and water bottle right in front of you as you stroll with your kids. The parent organizer is machine washer friendly, so you don’t have to be too tidy when you are out for a walk.
  •  Four Wheel System and Linked Rear Brake The Joovy Tandem stroller comes with a four-wheel suspension system that ensures comfort and a smooth ride even when you are on a rough surface. Your baby will not be disturbed when they are sleeping. The wheels are made of sealed bearings which reduce friction making pushing of the stroller effortless. Don’t underestimate the small wheels because they can comfortably support 90 Lbs.
  •  The Ultralight Caboose has linked rear brakes which lock when either side is pressed. The brakes are necessary when parking the stroller so that it remains immobile and cushions your kids from an injury that may follow unnecessary motion.


  • The stroller is easy to move around.
  •  The child can easily get in and out.
  •  Easily maneuverable.
  •  The sealed bearing makes it comfortable and easy to push.
  •  Sturdy construction.


  • The canopy had to be removed when folding the stroller and mounted back when setting unfolding. This can be time-consume.
  • The car seat needs to be strapped in the adapter.

~ Bottom Line : 

The Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stand-On Tandem Stroller is one of the best lightweight stroller you can get on the market today. It has lots of attractive features, notably the light weight and incredible compactness. It comes as a double stroller that will catch the eye of those who love great looks. And its price is not so exaggerated so you wouldn’t regret buying this stroller.

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3/Budget Pick –  Graco’s Done it Again

As a mother of two, I expect quality when making big-ticket purchases for my children. There are some brands on the market where high quality is the main focus along with affordability, and the leader of that pack is Graco. This time, they have outdone themselves with the introduction of the LiteRider Click-Connect Stroller in Zuba.

~ Features :

The LiteRider Click-Connect combines the desirable features that parents want in a full-sized travel stroller system, as well as the simplicity offered in an umbrella stroller. This charming stroller comes with:

  • A reclining cushioned seat for your little one that can be adjusted by the pull of a handle
  • Four sturdy wheels with two locking breaks located in the front of the stroller for secure immobility
  • Suitable for infants and toddlers up to 40lbs
  • One hand foldable design
  • A removable tray with cup holder for your baby
  • A cup holder for you that is deep enough to fit your keys, a bottle of water, and your cellphone during a brisk walk around the block
  • Roomy basket storage for your purse, diaper bag, and other belongings
  • Convertible 3-to-5 point harness that can be adjusted as your baby grows
  • Accepts the Graco Click-Connect Infant Seat
  • Decorated in a charmingly neutral animal print that is suitable for both girls and boys
  • Crisp, clean sunshade to protect baby’s eyes from the sun

~ Advantages : 

Graco stroller systems are loved by moms across the United States for their portability. This one is no exception, because it weighs in at less than seventeen pounds. The stroller is entirely collapsible, which means it can fit in both minivans and hatchbacks alike. The LiteRider Click-Connect Zuba is a steal at a MSRP of $72.00, making it affordable to mothers everywhere.

~ Benefits : 

When you buy a large item for your baby, you want it to be good quality but still in your price range. As a mother of two children, I understand firsthand how hard that can be. I have tried many products when my little girls were infants, and my personal brand of choice was Graco. The functionality, durability, and attractiveness of their product line cannot be paralleled. For the parent on-the-go who prefers the traditional stroller with a lighter feel, I would highly recommend the Graco Click-Connect Strollers.

~ Bottom Line : 

Whether you are expecting a boy or a girl, whether you are a grandparent or parent, you cannot go wrong with the Click-Connect Stroller. If you want an attractive stroller that meets your needs, is lightweight, and will not have you struggling frustrated in the parking lot while other parents whizz by you in their strollers-then this is the one for you.

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4/Also Budget Pick – Graco LiteRider Click Connect Stroller

The Graco LiteRider Click Connect Stroller is considered an asset and the best option for families who are always on the move and whose lifestyle demands frequent mobility. It comes in handy because it is specially designed for families with an active life.

~ Features and Benefits : 

  • One Hand Fold The Graco LiteRider Click Connect Stroller is easily foldable. This makes it very easy to carry because once folded; it becomes compact and you can conveniently move it to any location of your choice when travelling. If you wish to take it in the car, you can comfortably carry it in the car when folded.
  • Light Weight The stroller weighs less than 9Kgs, which enhances portability. When travelling to and fro with an infant, you do not have to shoulder a heavy burden when carrying the stroller. Its light weight conveniently provides for mobility without feeling fatigued when it comes to moving around.
  • Compatibility with Graco Click Connect Infant Car Seat The stroller can be easily connected with the infant car seat. This is such an attractive feature with the Graco stroller because one can customize travels with so much ease.
  • Comfortable and Convenient The stroller has a deluxe padded two-level reclining seats and a removable tray that keep the baby comfortable.
  • Extra Large Basket The extra large basket in the stroller is another attractive feature of the stroller. When strolling with the child, the extra large basket provides storage for travel essentials for yourself and the child. The Graco LiteRider Click Connect Stroller accommodates a child of up to 40 lbs without caving in or swaying.
  • DurabilityWith this stroller, you can use it for years without replacement. Its frame is firm enough, and the structure is stable to endure a long term lifespan with daily use.
  • Stability Even with the provision of the extra large basket, the stroller is quite stable to accommodate both the weight of the child and the travel essentials stored for travel in the extra large basket. The Graco LiteRider Click Connect Stroller accommodates a child of up to 40 lbs without caving in or swaying.
  • Drop Down Design The Graco LiteRider Click Connect Stroller is manufactured with a drop down design that gives easy retrieval of any requirements you may need from the basket or the trolley without disturbing the child
  • 2 Cups Holder This stroller comes with two deep cups holder where you can comfortably place your coffee, tea, water or juice when taking your child for a stroll. It brings the convenience of multi-tasking such that you can comfortably have your beverage when strolling at your convenience because you have storage to place your drink or water.
  • Lockable Front Swivels Wheels with Suspension With this, the stroller provides for smooth gliding when strolling with the infant. The wheels can be locked conveniently when you wish to make a stop, and they give stability.
  • Easy Retrieval of Child’s Tray The child’s tray in this stroller is easily removable. This facilitates you to conveniently remove your child from the stroller or when putting the child back in the stroller.
  • Stroller Harness The Stroller harness keeps the child comfortable by providing security for the child when seated.
  • Shortcomings of the Graco LiteRider Click Connect Stroller Connecting the Stroller to the Infant Car SeatWhen connecting the stroller to the infant car seat, it becomes a challenge to assemble the parts together. You will need some tools to fasten the stroller firmly to the car seat.
  • Space in the Car Trunk It does not fold into a small package because it is not an umbrella stroller. Much as it is easier to fold with one hand fold, it can take up much of space in the trunk of your car when folded.

Feedback from Parents who Have Used the Stroller : Some of the updates from parents who have enjoyed using this stroller have been highlighted below:-

  • Weight Limit Once you folded the stroller and had packed the child’s snacks, the weight can drag to the ground. Additionally, when carrying a child who is more than one year old and heavier, the weight can sag to the ground especially if you have additional things in the extra large basket.
  • Diaper Bag Fasteners When storing the diapers, there are no fasteners to hold the diaper bag and this setback needs to be addressed.
  • Cup Holder’s Stability The cup holder was reported to come off easily many times, and one is required to keep fixing it back which was seen as an inconvenience.
  • Child Sitting Up Parents have also given feedback that it has a limitation for children who want to sit upright as they are not able to do so in this stroller.
  • Warranty of the Stroller For the warranty of the Graco LiteRider Click Connect Stroller, once you shop at Amazon, Amazon always recommends that you make a warranty requester for the Stroller to the Customer Service through a link provided for by Amazon.
  • Available Assorted Colours This stroller comes in four colours as listed : • Bottlecap • Lambert • Marco • Zuba

Maintenance and Care of the Graco LiteRider Click Connect Stroller

This stroller is easy to maintain. You only need to wash the seat cushion which is easy to remove when cleaning. The stroller frame is also easy to wash when dusty. You just need to wash it with household soap and warm water.It is highly advisable that you avoid using bleach while cleaning the trolley.

Where to Shop for the Stroller

The ideal place to buy the Graco LiteRider Click Connect Stroller is from Amazon. Amazon usually offers discounted offers on products purchased from Amazon. The stroller is in the range of $72 with free shipping. If you are out of the U.S. Amazon can still ship it for you at their discounted good rates.

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5/Also Budget Pick  –The Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller

Kolcraft Cloud Plus is a lightweight stroller made for active parents who go out often. It is made safe, well-featured, designed for both- the kid and parents to go for trips and make them enjoyable.

We will review features, advantages and benefits of this Kolcraft stroller and we’ll also see how your trips together with your kid can be made easy and joyful by using it.

~ Features :

  • Removable Child Tray : great thing to have, you can place all those important things there- bottle, soother, toys, gloves or baby hat- to have them easily accessible anytime. Tray is also of a decent depth so your stuff will not fall down.
  • One-Hand Folding: one of the most important but overlooked features. Because you will hold your phone, handbag or your baby and you’ll really want to fold the stroller by using one hand. Be it your own walk with a baby, folding in a parking lot or any other situation. There are not so many occasions when you can fold your stroller with both hands so one-hand folding feature is really important to have.
  • Multi-position reclining seat: not all strollers have it, but it is a really great feature when you can recline the seat for your baby to sit comfortably or have a good sleep during your walk.
  • Folds for easy transport and storage: makes the stroller easy to transport in your car boot and store at home so it doesn’t take much space.
  • Compact Fold: Stroller folds in half and the child tray doesn’t have to be removed. Always better to have it compact so you don’t have to buy a big car with a big boot to have outdoor walks with your baby. You can drive Auris to the park instead of Camry. And taking less space at home when not used is always better.
  • Self-standing fold: another feature easy to overlook. The stroller will self-stand while you hold your baby and open the car. You will not have to hold it. Look after you child and not the falling stroller.
  • Clear Window Panel: lets you to see your baby without coming front of the stroller- you will know if he is OK, is he awake or asleep.
  • Three-tier canopy: will provide sun cover for your child. Canopy is extendable to make it comfortable.
  • 5 point adjustable Harness: will keep you child safe even if the stroller will fall over.
  • Storage Basket Beneath Seat: provides necessary space to put extra clothing or child snacks for your trip.
  • 2 Built-in Organizer Tray for Parents: Parents are as much important as the child is so Kolcraft takes care of them too- you will have place to put your cup holder while walking or taking care of your baby.
  • Child feet tray. Will be needed when your child grows up.
  • Wipe clean with damp cloth.
  • Specifications: JPMA Certified, one-year manufacturer warranty, Weight of stroller: 1.8 lbs, fold size: 18″x12″x34″, maximum child weight 50lbs


Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller will out-feature its competition. First, it is super-lightweight- only 11.8 pounds. Easy to carry even for a single mother. Compact folding will be great to choose a smaller car to go to your excursion. One hand folding and the self-standing feature will make preparing for an excursion or drive home more convenient than any other stroll in the market

.Your child will be secured not with usual 3, but with 5 points adjustable safety harness. Sun covering canopy will also keep your baby safe while letting you see him through transparent window panel. Two trays and storage basket will provide you with plenty of space for your and your child’s stuff- toys, snacks and clothes. Multi-position reclining will complete comfort list of features of this stroll.


 stars in Amazon in more than 600 reviews. A big number of customers and good evaluation for a stroll. Some of the negative reviews are due to delivery and logistics or wrong usage of the stroller which would leave 4.5/5 stars to the stroller itself.

~ Bottom Line 

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller will make not only your excursion safe and comfortable with numerous features. It will also not stand in your way at home with compact folding. Your preparation to go on the trip and back home will also be convenient with easy one-hand folding and self-standing features.

Check Price On Amazon!

You can also choose from three colors- Fire Red, Fusion Pink and Slate Grey to your taste.Feature list, manufacturer warranty, customer feedback and price level make this stroller the first option to consider for your and your child’s trips.

6/– The New JOOVY Balloon Stroller Review

Joovey balloon is a lightweight full featured stroller. The balloon is amongst the lightest stroller in theMarket today. You will find it easy to put in the trunk of the car and can travel with it in bus or trains also. Wherever you go whether its mall, market, park or city, the balloon stroller makes it a comfortable ride for you and your little one. With balloon stroller in your hands, you can focus on the most important things of your day. It weighed just 12 pounds and packed with full features. With its 160-degree seat, recline baby can go to sleep easily, and also, a newborn can be carried in the bassinet-like seat.

The UPF 50 canopy covers the entire seat and protects your baby from harmful ultraviolet rays. Balloon stroller includes a universal car seat adapter allowing you to take the seat directly from the car onto the stroller. With its reversible handle, you can have easy access to the baby. The effortless, one-handed standing fold keeps the fabric clean and off the floor. Its massive UV canopy protects your baby from the sun’s harmful rays while taking the child out in the fresh air. With its super lightweight construction and convertibility, the Balloon stroller is the perfect solution for strolling from birth to 45 lbs.

The seat of this stroller is easily removable and washable. Available is six vibrant colors, black, blue, green, pink, red and yellow. The fabric of the stroller is very smooth, and kids are very comfortable in this stroller. The light weight of the stroller is the USP and makes it easy to maneuver anywhere in the park, city, or mall.You can easily get this Joovey Balloon stroller through Amazon at the best possible lowest price.


  •  Material: 150D Polyester
  •  Open Size: 25 x 18.5 x 40.5 in
  •  Folded Size: 38.5 x 18.5 x 11.5 in
  •  Net Weight: 12.7 lbs
  •  Gross Weight: 15.6 lbs
  •  Minimum Child Age: Birth+
  •  Maximum Child Weight: 45 lbs

Features: : 

  • Light weight 12.7 lbs :The Balloon is amongst the lightest stroller in the market. Wherever you go, the Balloon will take you and your little bundle there and back efficiently. You will be amazed to see that how easy it is to use in public transport.It is so easy to handle in and out of the trunk, bus or train.
  •  Reversible Handle: The reversible handle flips so you can stroll eye to eye and have easy access to the baby. If your child is crying and you want to have a look at him, then this feature is truly a life saver. With this feature, you can use the stroller both ways without any hiccups.
  •  Huge UV Canopy: Canopy protects your child from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and also helps your little one to have a pleasant sleep in the cool dark shade of the canopy. Your child will sleep in no time if you use this canopy feature as it provides proper shade to your loved one.
  •  Bassinet Mode: This is a good reclining feature in this stroller. The multi-position reclining seat is helpful for your child to have a comfortable, nice nap. It also reaches a position to a near flat recline for easy laying down the baby.
  •  Adjustable Footrest: This feature makes the child very comfortable while in a sitting position. It adjusts the feet of your child to a good comfortable position.
  •  Removable Bumper Bar: This feature helps the person to place the child in the Balloon stroller easily without facing any hassles. Bumper Bar saves the baby from falling from the stroller and keeps the baby safe holding him in the stroller.
  •  Car Seat Adapter: Convert the Balloon into a lightweight travel system with the universally compatible car seat adapter. You can place any baby car seat in this stroller and can easily fit in this stroller.
  •  Standing Fold: This feature makes the Balloon compact and efficient. This effortless, one-handed standing fold keeps the fabric clean and off the floor when storing. It makes the stroller very small and occupies very less space while storing it.
  •  Two Cup Holders: Keep your 2 cups near your hands and enjoy the beverages while taking a stroll in the park or while walking down the street.


  • Very lightweight, easy to fold, to carry baby and stroller at the same time.
  •  Nicely padded, the baby is very comfortable in it.
  •  Nice looking, well made, great colors Cup holders
  •  Belly bar! A lot of lightweight strollers do not have one.
  •  Stand up fold
  •  Easy to switch back and forth from parent-facing to world-facing

Baby Stroller Reviews

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