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Jogging, hiking, walking or travel, a light weight double stroller is the one item needed for every mom or dad. If you have twins or two children needing the stroller, you have double the load. Why, should having two children, lessen your activities. You should be able to have your little ones with you. There are lightweight double stroller options, to make your activities in life less demanding. A double stroller is one of the most important things you own, for your little ones. Double strollers will most likely have enough space to pack, for that hike or walk you are going on. Lightweight strollers have an easy fold and are not a problem to put in a car. Just think, if you have a lightweight double stroller with two children, you’ll be able to have the freedom to do more of the activities you like. Why not get one today, regain some freedom you have been missing and spend quality time with the children.

Why Do You Need A Double Lightweight Stroller?

As a new mom or an expecting mom, there’s an extensive amount of preparation you have to do for the arrival of you’re bundle of joy or joys, one of which is finding the perfect stroller. ‘So how do I go about finding the perfect stroller?!” is a question you may ask yourself.

The best way to go about it is getting a lightweight double stroller, and although there are different options of lightweight double strollers in the market, finding one that suitable to your taste can be facile. Style designs of a lightweight double stroller can be jogger friendly or even bicycle friendly, whereby the designs are modified and simplified for physical activities to suit the lifestyle of a mom who likes to go jogging or have a nice bicycle ride while still being around her kids.

Double lightweight strollers as a design in general come with two seaters, other features may include hands-free auto stop brake technology perfect for those unpredictable parenting moments, compact folds which make it easier to bring just about anywhere you go, individual stroller canopy adjustments and even individual seat adjustments for the comfort of your little ones.

For moms with twins or kids close in age, the lightweight double stroller is an ideal and obvious choice of stroller preference because now you have the luxury of having free hands for other tasks like picking up an item off the grocery shelf or answering a very important phone call. Now as a mom with a single child, you may think getting a lightweight double stroller is a bit off an unnecessary bargain. You need to be open minded and remove the misconception that lightweight double strollers are only meant for two kids and replace it with the benefits of purchasing one. Research shows that moms who chose single seater strollers due to their main standpoint of having one child, end up buying lightweight double strollers because they end up having another child in about a year or so, thus spending more money. Even if you’re not mentally or physically ready for the arrival of another little one, you can’t repudiate the luxury of having extra space for your purse, extra toys for your child and even space for groceries.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Lightweight Double Stroller

Whether it’s twins or baby Number two on the way, a lightweight double stroller is designed to ferry conveniently two children around when traveling or on vacation. Even though the lightest double strollers will be heavier than their single counterparts, you should still buy one that’s as light as possible and folds compactly.

There are two types of the lightweight double stroller- twin, where your children sit side-by-side and tandem (or inline double), where one child sits in front of, or slightly above the other. As a general rule twin buggies are for children of the same age, whereas tandem models are for children of different ages, allowing the older child to sit up and look around while baby sleeps in the rear or lower seat. While the age of your kids will be a key deciding factor, finding the right lightweight double stroller for you is ultimately a balancing act. You’ll need to consider where you’re most likely to use your buggy, the terrain, any width restrictions and how compact it is when folded, especially if it needs to fit into the boot of a car.

  • Width; The smallest side-by-side buggy on the market is 63cm, which isn’t much wider than some singles. However, this is the exception and most are much wider. If you’ve got narrow doorways at home, then make sure that your double stroller will fit through them. Also, consider where you’re going to use the stroller, for example if your regular supermarket has got narrow aisles then consider buying a tandem buggy even if your children are the same age. Tandem strollers are a bit longer, but at around 51cm they’re usually much narrower, meaning that they’re easier to fit through doorways, down supermarket aisles and use on public transport.
  • Terrain; Side-by-side strollers that are slim enough to fit through most doorways usually have smaller wheels, making them very sturdy. They glide effortlessly over flat ground, however as soon as you hit gravel or grass you will find them tough going, especially in a double stroller when you’ve got the weight of two children to consider. If you’re likely to be using your double stroller over rougher terrain, then consider buying one that has got slightly bigger wheels, even though this may ultimately mean having to choose a tandem in order to reduce the overall width.
  • Stability and Steering; As a general rule the smaller the wheels are, and the more there are of them, the greater the stability of the stroller. A single front wheel or wheels that are closer at the front than at the back might offer greater steering and maneuverability but will compromise overall stability. Consider the terrain and the situations that you’re most likely to encounter with your lightweight stroller and also the fact that you’ll have the weight of two children to push around.
  • Collapsibility; If you’re going to be in and out of the car or using public transport a lot then check that your stroller is easy to fold and that it is compact enough to fit in the boot of your car. You may want to consider a double stroller that collapses using a one hand umbrella fold or foot fold if you’re likely to be opening and folding your stroller a lot. If you’ve got limited storage space at home, you may want to consider buying a double buggy that allows one seat to be removed so that you can get rid of your single stroller.
  • Weight; If you live on the fifth floor or are likely to do a lot of traveling then it’s important that you buy a stroller that’s very light. Some of the lightest double strollers weigh as little as 9kg, however regardless of your situation, you should be able to find one under 12.5kg that meets most, if not all of your requirements.
  • Independently reclining seats; When buying a lightweight double stroller for a baby and a toddler make sure that the seats recline independently of each other. Your toddler is more likely to want to be able to sit up and look around while your baby lies back and sleeps.
  • Other considerations; While most lightweight double strollers come with rain covers, weather hoods, and cozy toes, most lack the extra storage space, large canopies, toy bars and cup holders that come with full-size strollers. Bear in mind that their primary function is for traveling so don’t place too much emphasis on nonessential accessories.If your partner is also going to be using the stroller a lot, then it might be a good idea to try and buy one with an adjustable handle height to make pushing easier for both of you. If you’re also likely to be constantly using your car, then you may need to consider a travel system and buy a double stroller that is compatible with car seats for both children.
  • Your budget; Lightweight strollers are relatively cheap compared to other types of stroller, but ultimately it’s important always to know your budget and the amount that you can afford to spend on the stroller that you want.

Deciding which lightweight double stroller is the right one for you can be confusing when there are so many options, however if you consider all of the above points carefully then you will be sure to end up choosing the right stroller for you.

What are the benefits of a Lightweight Double Stroller?

  • Profitable Strollers are quite expensive in the modern era, add in the bills that families with small children also have to pay; it’s a lot of money. However, the lightweight double stroller allows a family who has more than one child to buy a stroller effectively for two children for the price of one, mostly saving money. This, in essence, will allow the family to have more money, and also, in the grand scheme of things if they were to have more children, then they could repeat the action again with the double stroller and save even more money.
  • Strong and reliable The double stroller is made to hold two children, therefore, in essence, it is made to hold double the weight of a single stroller. The manufacturing means it will be incredibly durable, and long lasting as the equipment used will concentrate on holding more weight and yet still perform as well as the single stroller. This is reliable as the product won’t break as easily as the single stroller, as the stronger material has been used for it to work correctly.
  • Various styles and adaptable The great thing about the double stroller is the different styles that it can offer, catering for both twins and offspring at different ages. The tandem style that can be purchased is a clever design that places one compartment behind the other, therefore allowing the children to be separated from one another which can be important in times when squabbles or such may happen. The way in which the tandem style is designed benefits the parents in regards to adaptability, as the tandem is typically the same width of a single stroller therefore allowing easy access in tight situations such as entryways.
  • Convenient What makes the lightweight double stroller convenient is the simple fact that parents can go about their duties with their children intact and both secured in each compartment. The double stroller is an exceptional advantage for when parents are in a rush, instead of having to push two separate strollers, the parents can just concentrate on pushing one double stroller, therefore, increasing their comfort, and also allowing them to have more control of the stroller as the double stroller is attached.
  • Travel System The tandem style of the lightweight double stroller allows the parents to use the function in more than one way. For example, the majority of tandem strollers, an example being the “Graco Stadium Duo” are designed so that one compartment can be detached from the function and be used as a car seat. This is significant benefit for parents as this allows the double stroller to become a good piece of equipment for when you are on the go. Some tandem designs like the “Graco Quattro Tour Duo” are created so that both compartments can be detached from the function, therefore allowing two car seats which will be favourable to parents with twins.
  • Storage The fact that the lightweight double stroller in all styles is easy to fold and manoeuvre means that it can create a whole load of space for parents that could come in quite handy when placing it in the back of vehicles. If the family have been on a shopping trip and would require the majority of space for shopping bags and such, then being able to fold the stroller and the fact of it being so light means that it can be placed in more places than a stroller that wasn’t so light. In essence, the fact of the stroller being so light allows the parents to have more comfort with both the carrying of the stroller and also the placing of the stroller; meaning that it will be convenient for both mothers and fathers to deal with.

In summary, the lightweight double stroller is a magnificent piece of equipment for parents to use. The benefits I have highlighted all suggest that this is something parents with several children should invest in as it can create a better life for both them and their children. The most notable thing I have found from my research is that the comfort that can be gained by using this product without a doubt will create less stress for parents as they have a system in which they can keep several children secure by using the same energy as they would for one child.

The Advantages of Having a Lightweight Double Stroller

  • Babies!  : The most special gift of the world which every parent is blessed with. A baby needs care and lots of pampering. They need love and affection, which a true parent only can provide. They have to be nurtured with utmost warmth and tenderness. It gives a parent great joy when they provide their children with best provisions.
  • Babies in a lightweight double stroller Carrying a stroller doesn’t seem easy to handle at times and difficult to push. But what if it is light weighted and easy to bear. Rather than carrying two single strollers, it’s easier to manage a double stroller; it hardly makes a difference. But surprisingly a double stroller will provide you with more space to manage things easily.
  • Do you need to buy a double stroller?  You work hard all day, yet you stay concerned about your babies. Don’t you think you can afford a better living just for the most special part of your life? Baby’s safety becomes your priority especially when you have two to manage at the same time. What if you have to rush to the supermarket when guests are on a surprise visit, but definitely leaving both the kids back at home surely not possible. Leaving them at your neighbors’ place? No, not a good option. Let’s not worry about all these. Dress up your child and swiftly lay the babies in the stroller and Yes! You are ready to go.
  • When do you need a double stroller the most? Imagine yourself exhausted after a hard day of work and you owe your time to your kids. Spending time with them, going for a short walk to mingle up with nature but carrying both of them at the same time is not really a good idea. Will it not be better to keep them together in a stroller so that they can enjoy together and you can enjoy a cup of coffee, as well? Or what if your old mates are meeting after years and you surely don’t want to miss it. Carrying both the kids the whole day will leave you messed up. Meanwhile, your baby is hungry; the easiest way is to settle them on the stroller and feed them. You can even comfort them by opening up the canopy.If you have a child with a difference of a year or two, it’s obvious the older one would try hard to walk. Don’t you think carrying a child on lap and the other one running here and there but settling both of them in the stroller and moving around freely will increase their safety of the babies and reduce your stress?
  • Do you think it will make a difference? Bit more sleep on the couch with safety belts attached or a fun car ride experience. What more really do you want, if your baby stays happy and comfortable? Surely, this will avail you more time with your precious one.They say that a baby’s smile makes the world brighter- Why not make the world two-fold brighter ….

Best lightweight double stroller Reviews

 Baby Jogger City Select with Second Seat, Onyx Review

Ten months & 10 days is a long period; a mother keeps her child to her womb. She never wants her child to suffer on heavy sunlight or in the rain after coming to the earth. She always wants to keep her child away from all types of problems by hook or crook. That’s why Baby Jogger City has been introduced to you. It is said that a child is just like an angel to all, but it is more than that to a parent. So they want to keep the child in the best way that they can.

Baby Jogger City has made their thinking right. They can feel relaxed by using this product. This is made after long-term thinking. Because we want this product to fulfill the dreams of the parents; dust, dirt, sunlight, rain, snowfall & some other problems will be kept away from your baby if you use this. Although it is not heavenly, it feels more than that. You can feel after using. We’ve made the product by keeping the parents in mind.


Baby Jogger City is the best product for your baby. The details feature is given below:

  • As the most important part of the product is safety. Keeping this in the brain we made the product accordingly. It is 100% polyester made which is surely one of the strongest chemical wool. The entire sitting portion and hoods are made of it. The shades of Baby Jogger City Select will resist rain, snowfall & sunlight that might disturb and harm your baby.
  • Again, the polyester made sitting portion is so tough that your baby will never befall from there. It is so untearable that your baby will be safe here. You can feel relaxed to leave your baby on that.It is an imported product. So you can rely on it easily. This product is widely used all over the world. Especially in England, France, Spain, Portugal, Argentina & so on. You should try this before it became out of stock.
  • This is the most versatile stroller on the market today, as it is designed to keep your family rolling as it grows from one child to two. I mean if you have two kids you can carry them along in this sitting cart. This cart allows you to make both of them happy and enjoy the ride. They can feel as safe as in their mother’s lap. You should take this to make them fear free.
  • Now it is included the second seat kits. It is sold with the extra kit which allows parents to mix and match seats, bassinets, and car seats to suit their family’s needs. It means you can keep this widely opened or save it in small sized. It gives you the option to make your comfort zone. You may be worried about the reliability of the product. But you can’t understand how reliable this is! Just use it & feel.There are over 16 different combinations from double tiered car seats to a bassinet and single seat combo (Car Seats, Bassinet Kits, and accessories – sold separately)
  • Now I’m giving you some technical details about the product:The product’s weight is approximately 35pounds which mean it is not so heavy to carry nor so light to damage. It is a moderate weight. You have the option to take this with you anywhere you want. For its average weight, it is very simple to drag. Again, the wheels of the cart help you pull easily. The wheels are also of very good quality which makes very simple to pull. We made the wheels in a perfect size for what it can’t be broken easily.
  • Its dimensions are 43.5 x 25.8 x 38.5 inches which are surely easy to fit into a car. You can be free to take the cart anywhere in any vehicles. If you think you have to go on a hill track for a picnic, then don’t worry this is the best cart for that reason. Because you can carry this one in your car. As I’ve told that the size of the product is so perfect, it is helpful for the parents & babies. They can feel that they are in the safe place.
  • The materials that used in this product are free from harmful chemicals like BPA or LATEX. These chemicals may harm your baby. Using BPA or LATEX may lessen our cost to make the product, but we didn’t use these chemicals. Because we don’t want to harm babies. They are our future; they’ll make our country in future. So it is important to make them comfortable. That’s why we use the other materials for making the cart. It is a good product with less incapability to bother you or your child.


Baby Jogger The word “comfortable” is largely used, but you can understand what “comfortable” is after using Baby Jogger City Select. This is such a product which wonders the parents. Because some of the parents used this and they rate our product as the best one. They thought it was a beauty in the field of babysitting cart. They can feel much comfort in this cart.

You can carry both your child altogether by this. I think parents will love this feature of the product. Because sometimes it ‘s hard to carry two carts for two of your children. Now, Baby Jogger City Select has made the change to the old product. It allows you to keep one cart for both of them. Most importantly don’t be afraid of breaking. This vehicle won’t break. It is made of polyester & pure steel rod which is so difficult to break.

The weight of two children can’t break it even both of them is healthy.Most importantly you don’t need more space to carry this. It consumes less space. So you can take it easily & anywhere. It can be fitted in the car or the bunker. So it is simple.Sometimes you don’t want your babies to leave alone or to leave them to nannies. It is for you. You can walk, jog or do some physical exercise keeping your baby beside you. You can take a look at him/her with doing these.

You can go to your workplace along with your baby with this product.You may attach the upper part with the lower part to reduce space consumption.City is the best product for your baby. The details feature is given below:

Bottom line:

Every mother loves her child more than anything in the world. That’s why “child” is the dearest word in the earth. Every parent has unending love for their child. Their blood pressure rises, their works remain incomplete; their meetings kept pending if they knew their child’s sickness. They never want to leave their child alone for a single moment. We want you to feel comfortable.

Just leave your worries on us and use Baby Jogger City Select. Be fit and beautiful with your child. To keep the bond of your soul strong and firm Baby Jogger City Select is our one of the smallest project. This is not just a product but more than that.

2 # Also great –  contours options elite tandem stroller review

Searching for the right stroller to add to your household can be a difficult task, especially when taken into consideration the amount of competitors offering their own version tandem strollers. For parents faced with traveling around with two children around the same age, finding a tandem stroller that can handle both children increases the difficulties associated with the task. One company that has perfected the art of competent strollers that get the job done is the Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller.

Boasting several innovative features combined with easy navigation capabilities, the company has just been recognized by industry experts at Lucie’s List for their commitment to excellence, making it is easy to see why this brand has become one of the most trusted by parents nationwide. With so much thought and consideration taken into design, Contours has continued its tradition of providing strollers that are perfectly suited for busy growing families!


The Contours Elite Tandem Stroller is without a doubt one of the most versatile options available on the market today. They are stylish and sleek, available in the colors envy green, Laguna blue, and sand. It is on the features that Contours truly shines, however.

  • Versatile Inline Seats: parents have up to 7 varying seating positions for their twins or siblings in the same age range. For added convenience, the seats are removable and reversible, and can be quickly folded while attached for quick transport and easy storage.
  •  Universal Car Seat Adapter comes with the Options Elite Tandem Stroller, making it possible to fit over more than 20 different types of car seats.
  •  Canopies: with peek-a-boo windows and zipper mesh that expands and has been designed for maximum coverage and increased protection against the sun
  •  Shock Absorber Wheels: featuring coated EVA rear wheels, the Contours Options LT Tandem Stroller makes navigating sidewalks and bumpy pathways easy to execute.
  •  Auto Locks: the Contours Options Elite boasts seats that fold and lock automatically for more convenience
  • Lightweight Frame: at a weight hovering around 10 pounds, the Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller is even easier for parents to navigate in combination with the weight of their children
  •  Accessories: the Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller has covered all the bases, including accessories, which include a parent cup holders, side seat pockets for the kids, a small shopping basket, a child tray, weather shield, and a parent console for even more convenience than ever before.
  •  Warranty: the one year warranty protects consumers and ensures that they receive their money’s worth, which can be requested by the customer service department.
  •  Shipping: both domestic and international shipping are possible, with select countries available worldwide


The Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller stands heads and shoulders above the competition with a great number of advantages attached to it:

  •  with seven options available for configuration, parents can decide whether to have the seats face in, out, towards one another or facing forward or even the option of taking out the rear seats for maximum storage space when running errands.
  • With seats that are longer than the standard, the Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller makes it perfect for toddlers, with many small children able to fit into the stroller at five years of age or older. The weight limit is also higher as well, with the stroller able to handle a maximum of 80 pounds in total.
  • the mesh pockets make a wonderful edition to the Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller design, allowing parents and their kids the option to store toys, snacks, and other small items as wanted
  • padded headrests, adjustable footrests and 3-posiiton recline on the seats mean that parents can rest easy knowing their children are traveling in the ultimate in stroller comfort.
  • Further evidence of the Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller place in the industry is the recent announcement of the stroller as the winner of the 2016 Cribsie Award for best double stroller available in the industry. Through thorough research and elevated versatility, theirs is a tandem stroller that provides the perfect fit for growing families

Bottom line:

Very few companies that manufacture strollers can attest to the sort of quality that Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller boasts and that is one of the reasons why the brand has consistently been named one of the most formidable ones in the industry. Contours make it easy to get started with their strollers by making self-assembly as painless as possible, with an instructional guide that just about anyone can follow from start to finish. By offering a durable, sturdy option for their customers, Contour is changing the face of the game with their latest product. There have been slight revisions from their last offering that are evident in the Elite version.

Baby Stroller Reviews

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