Baby Stroller Reviews

Baby Stroller Reviews & Compare Prices 2018

We are here to help you choose the best stroller for your baby, one that is safe, stylish and functional, so that you, your baby and your family can enjoy the best out of traveling all together. A baby stroller is one of the most important purchases every parent makes for their babies; it is an investment with which you can’t just go wrong.

Baby Stroller Reviews & Compare Prices 2018

It’s important to get the right pushchairs. The primary considerations are your baby’s safety and comfortability when he/she is in the stroller. There are many brands of baby strollers to choose from in the market. It’s crucial that you get the one who has a reputation for quality and reliability. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you should get the more expensive ones, because a pricey stroller doesn’t automatically mean that it’s the most reliable. It is best to read reviews and see the pushchairs personally so you can feel if it has a solid built.

What Type of Stroller Do You Need

There are so many types of strollers that you may want to just pick one and go. When I first read up on strollers I felt the same way! But once you’ve seen other moms with their ‘perfect’ strollers, you’d wish you spent more time choosing a better stroller instead.

I know how long it takes to do research on every type of stroller, so for the busy moms, here’s a brief guide to save time. If you want to go over all the details, click here to Types of Strollers.

Standard Stroller

  • the simplest form with a durable or sturdy frame and various features
  • most have fully reclined seat to accommodate your child’s needs from infancy to toddlerhood
  • smooth ride in the mall as well as along the pavements or sidewalks

Lightweight / Umbrella Stroller

  • weighs a lot less that other types of strollers
  • useful for traveling or running errands in the town, where portability is a critical issue
  • normally do not offer fully reclined seat
  • less expensive, you can buy it as a spare stroller or second stroller for the purpose of traveling
  • usually has one-hand fold system

Jogging Stroller

  • needed for jogging
  • has lightweight frame and better maneuverability
  • with many safety features
  • with air-filled wheels that ensure your child’s comfort regardless of the rugged surfaces

Multi-child Stroller

  • comes in many types: standard, jogging, lightweight/umbrella, travel system
  • needed when you have twins, triplets, quadruplets or quintuplets
  • handy for accommodating two or three children close in age
  • go shopping, outing or traveling with all of your kids at ease

Universal Car Seat Carrier

  • consists of a compatible infant car seat and a stroller frame
  • infant car seat that is being used for car travel can clip to the stroller frame
  • are usually lightweight and compact
  • useful for transferring sleeping infant from car to the baby stroller, and vice versa

Travel System Stroller

  • is a standard stroller that can be clipped to car seat
  • useful for transferring sleeping infant from car to baby stroller, and vice versa
  • are usually easy to fold and store away

You should always read more so that you won’t regret your purchase later. Why bring on unhappy experiences and waste of money just to save a little time? Click here to read more about the Types of Baby Strollers now.

Best Baby Stroller Brand Reviews

How to Pick the Best Stroller for Your Baby

You are shopping for the best stroller, which means you are currently experiencing (or preparing to experience) a profound and exciting new way of life… either because you are having your first child or adding another to the brood. This choice is only one of the many decisions you will be making during a period of many changes. There are a myriad of options that make it likely to find one that meets your exact specifications. But even as you shop from among the best baby strollers in the world, the wide selection can make this task overwhelming.

A stroller is an essential piece of baby gear, an every day necessity. Consider not only safety and functionality but also personality and style. Just like your car says a lot about you, so does your baby’s vehicle!

Fortunately, everything you need to find the perfect buggy for your new precious cargo is in one place… here! No need to spend days hitting every baby superstore and boutique just to be disappointed in their limited inventory. We did that too… waddling around, tired and confused. Now you can benefit from all our hard work. We’ve collected the top-rated baby strollers from the most trusted and recommended companies: Jeep, Maclaren, BOB, Bugaboo, Peg Perego, Quinny, Inglesina and Bertini. 

In the comfort of your home, you can browse hundreds of styles — compare prices, weight, dimensions, wheels, folding mechanisms, storage compartments, and unique features. We can help you decide which style best suites your family, whether it is a lightweight umbrella or a sturdy double jogger. Since our partners offer the best deals on the best-selling brands, a few clicks will check this to-do off your list so that you can tend to more important things, like babies!

So read more and click on the blue links to read product reviews on your selections. When you’re ready to buy, be confident that you are sourcing trusted merchants who offer guaranteed service and shipping.

With a Few Clicks and a Baby, You’ll be Strolling Along!

In the case of strollers, one size does not fit all. The best one is the model that best fits… you! A few simple questions will get you on the right track. Relax! This will be fun. Remember, it’s all about you!

1. Who’s Riding?

Do you have an older child? Twins? Triplets? There’s a stroller to accommodate everyone. There are sit and stand strollers like the Peg Perego Pliko. There are double strollers like the side-by-side Maclaren Twin Triumph. There are also double strollers that can be fitted with two infant car seats like the Peg Perego Duette.

2. Who’s Pushing?

5-foot 100 lb. mom or 6-foot 200 lb. dad have different physical requirements. Of course, 100 lb. mom also runs marathons and climbs mountains and dad… may be a couch potato. It’s all okay, we make no judgements. But you will want to ask yourself who is going to be doing most of the pushing, lifting, folding, etc. that comes with stroller ownership. For lightweights, there are lightweight strollers like the Maclaren Volo. Bugaboo Baby Strollers seem to be designed for taller people in mind, with adjustable handlebars and leg room that is comfortable no matter who is pushing.

3. Where are you going?

Amazingly enough, pausing to consider your environs will go a long way to help you select your perfect baby ride. So are you a city mouse, country mouse or suburban mouse? Just think, will you be strolling along pastoral country lanes (of the paved and unpaved variety) with the apple of your eye? Consider a traditional baby carriage or pram like the Bertini Bidwell Carriage or the exquisite Inglesina Classica. If you are the more sporty type, the Bob Revolution gets top ratings among fitness enthusiasts. If you are a city mouse and find yourself in and out of public transportation, maneuvering crowded sidewalks and limited storage space, an umbrella stroller like the Maclaren Triumph is a good bet. Urbanites also love the ultra-compact when folded Quinny Buzz. If you are among the growing population in the suburbs, you have room to move and a vehicle to do it. Pick a stroller you can easily fold and lift into your trunk, that steers easily along both park paths and store aisles, and that can double as a packing mule for all the gear and loot you bring and/or acquire along the way. The Jeep Overland Limited are popular choices among suburbanites.

Best Baby Stroller Reviews in the Market

Baby strollers are a little different from a pram or a baby carriage in that it is usually meant for older children. When you say pram it means a carriage where the child is placed facing back towards the person who is pushing it. This is usually the case for small children who cannot even sit up.

A stroller, on the other hand, is something where you take children up to 3 yrs of age with you when you go for a stroll. They are kept facing forwards, in the direction that they are being pushed.

Although there has always been some kind of instrument to carry babies and children in almost all cultures, the invention of the pram as such was credited to one William Kent of England who built a form of carriage that could be drawn by a small pony or goat. This was in 1733. Since then there has been a number of inventions that have advanced the technology behind baby carriages so much that they go by the name baby transport now.

Baby strollers as a general rule are not too expensive simply because they are meant for a very short duration between when the baby is sufficiently grown up so that you can take him or her out safely to when he or she can walk by themselves. This is usually between 3 months and 1.5 yrs which means that it is going to be used only for a period of a year. Of course if you are planning long term and want something that you can use for the next one that you have already planned for it is a different case.

There are people however who want the best in everything and for whom the mediocre will not be sufficient. These people will find that they can purchase baby strollers for as much as $2000 and more. For our review however we have split it into different categories based on what most of the general public would be looking for.

We have therefore split it into three categories depending on the price range that they will fall into. Read on to find out what the top selling ones in each one are.

Low-end strollers – Under $200

This is where almost all the sales take place, very few people actually even think of paying too much for one. For our classification we take any baby stroller under $200 as falling in this category.

Although this may seem a little out of whack, it is not so as you will find out as you read on.

1. Kolcraft Contours lite stroller

There are no prizes for guessing why this model is very popular. It’s the price. Kolcraft is a pretty good company that makes good quality strollers and even this model usually costs around the $100 mark. It is however possible for you to get it at around $50 or $60 if you look hard enough. Even at $100 it is probably the best one to go with simply because it is one of the lightest in the market. If you have ever pushed a child in a heavy stroller you will realize why this is so important. This model also gives you everything from a shade that is actually big enough for it to provide proper shade to netting in case you want to take your child out in the evening when there is a possibility of creepy crawlies being around. There is no weather shield, but then you can always get one if you want to. Click here to check it out.

2. The first years ignite stroller

This model is popular as a very basic model in which you can take your child out for a walk. There is nothing special about it except its price. It retails at just around $60 making it one of the cheapest ones around. In fact if you are not averse to buying online you can even get it for less than $50 making it a bargain.

Of course you do not get all the extras that you would as with the slightly more expensive ones, you do not even get the mesh that you do with the previous model, but at less than half the price of other models, it is almost a steal. You can always get any of the accessories that you need later. Click here for the stroller.

3. Kolcraft contours tandem II

This is the same Kolcraft model except that it has two in tandem. It is just a slightly bigger version of the same model but sufficiently big enough so that another child can be accommodated in front of the other. Each child gets an individual seat and shade. The only thing that is shared are the wheels and the frame.

At nearly $250 it is on the expensive side, but then with twins you really don’t have much of a choice. Plus you can get it for as little as $170 if you go to one of the more reliable online stores to purchase it. Click here to view the stroller.

Mid range strollers – Between $200 – $500

These strollers are those between $200 and $500 in cost. These strollers are the more upmarket ones meaning that they offer extra features that are meant to pull you their way. You therefore find that strollers in this category are the ones which come with all sorts of things starting from the usual weather shield to detachable carriers and integrated car seats. Find below the top selling three models in this price range.

1. Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 travel system.

A travel system usually refers to a carriage or a stroller that has a detachable carriage so that you can place it facing either way. If you get one of these it means that you can get to use it for longer because you use it as a pram when your kid is very small, and then simply change the direction when he or she gets older.

The additional advantage is that it comes with clips that you can use to attach the carriage to your car seat which makes taking your child more of a breeze, especially when you are going to the local supermarket and places like that.

Of course it is expensive and at nearly $330 costs more than three average strollers. You could try going online to purchase it and chances are that you can get it for up to $50 less. Make sure about the shipping charges though because you don’t want the total to end up more than if you had gotten it at your local store. Click here for more details.

2. Bob Revolution stroller

This is probably the coolest looking stroller in this category and although fully black, it comes with just one wheel in front which makes it look refreshingly different from all the others in the market. Apart from this everything else is pretty much standard and there is nothing to choose from between them. It is however much lighter because of the fact that it has only three wheels. The amount of metal in the chassis is also much reduced bringing down the weight even further. At around $390 it is also more expensive than the previous model but just the larger spoke wheels are worth the extra that you pay for it. As with everything else there is every possibility that you can get it for cheaper if you go online, but not by much. Click here to see it.

3. Baby Jogger City Select single stroller

This model is not very different from the previous two. After all what more can the manufacturers give you in terms of features apart from making their lighter and better looking. Of course you get the extra features but barring the detachable carriage the others like the weather shield and net are really not something that is used. If you live in a place where there are a lot of bugs, chances are that you would not take your baby out in the evenings.

The one thing that does set this apart is the price and the store prices are around $500 which is the maximum for this category. Click here for a look at the stroller.

High-end strollers – Over $500

The strollers that cost more than $500 come in this category. Considering that even $500 is way more than what you would want to pay for a stroller, this category is only for the seriously moneyed classes. There is however one case where strollers in this category may actually be good value and that is when you are going in for a dual one. As can be seen from the top selling models, it looks like the public at large too feel this way.

1. UPPAbaby Eco-Friendly stroller

This is the only stroller in this category that is a single mode. It is in fact more convenient especially for those who like the detachable function because the carriage comes as a single unit that is more like a cradle. This means that it is easy for you to take the carriage from the stroller and place it down if your child falls asleep.

Apart from this function there is nothing special about it, and at around $680 it is rather an expensive choice. Of course if you are a greenie, no price is too much to pay for a good Eco-friendly product. Click here for more details.

2. Bob revolution aluminum wheel duallie stroller

This model is the same as the ordinary Bob revolution model except that instead of the carriages being in tandem with each other, they are beside each other. It is a very compact design and is not much larger than a single stroller too. Added to this is the convenience of the single front wheel and the light aluminum design and it makes it good value if you are looking for something in this range.

It does cost nearly $600 though and going online to get it would be a good choice because you could very well get it for up to $100 less. Click here for a view.

3. Bob stroller strides fitness duallie stroller

There is absolutely no difference between this and the previous model except for the wheel. This one comes with the large spoke wheels while the previous ones come with the fine spoke wheels and that is basically the difference between the two.

Even the cost is not different and they retail for the same price both in store and online.

When it comes to baby strollers we want the best that money can buy which is why the high end ones are still very popular. All said and done however, it looks like practicality prevails and most of the strollers that are sold fall in the low end band.

This is not too bad a problem because if you actually compare one that costs you $150 and one that costs you $650 you would find very little different. Maybe it would weight a little more, and maybe the material would be a little better, but not so much as to justify such a high price tag. Click here  to go to the stroller.

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